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Jillian Marty 

Master Microblading Artist & Tattoo Removal Specialist


Lavish Brows, established in 2017, has taken great pride in offering elite Microblading and Laser Free Tattoo Removal services.

The intention beyond cosmetic imagery, is striving to positively redefine a person's confidence and self esteem through each procedure.  Procedures by Lavish Brows result in quality and professional outcomes attributable to high levels of training and education. European standard PMU training coupled with several other credible academy's and courses over the last decade coupled with over a decades worth of experience in the medical field add to the passion and expertise of the artist.

Lavish Brows is committed to offer the utmost satisfactory experiences.

I pride myself on building this business doing what I love, which is providing services that help others, while utilizing skills and my passion for art.  

-Jillian Marty, Owner

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